A downloadable game for Windows

Ludwig game jam submission, theme was 'Foddian games'

In this game you must climb to the top of each level making sure to be careful when committing to jumps because if you miss, you may just fall back to the bottom.

Controls (Keyboard)

  • Arrow keys
  • Z
  • X

Controls (Gamepad)

  • D-pad
  • A
  • X

Changelog v1.1

  • A new level
  • Fullscreen toggle
  • Controller rumble toggle
  • Game automatically saves progress and best times
  • Pause menu cursor loop
  • Fixed incorrect ground tiles
  • Timer starts at first input
  • Timer ends at door entry
  • Timer shows milliseconds
  • Snow added to level 3


Sorcery Climb v1.1.zip 17 MB
Sorcery Climb.zip 16 MB


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This gamer just confirmed for me that in this life I will never ever play jumper king :-D

Like I make it up to about 25% max befor falling it all down again :-)

Hey there, I just saw Sorcery Climb on lud’s video, I think it looks super cool! I was wondering, how did you get that little cloud effect when the character was jumping? I think it looks really interesting!